Let us tell you our story

As my dream has finally come true and it is here now. I want to tell you his story. this story starts from the time I was a child girl is dazzled by colors, girl it does not stop her eyes from turning, pointing her fingers to everywhere, she running behind the sun trying to catch her rays, stick to the windows to determine color of stars, stumble in everything because her mind does something other than pay attention For the road, I was child girl messing with everything in the eyes of those who are bigger than her, but I was mixing colors. I was Bring the pieces from each corner and I always made new something. I wanted to see it as the most beautiful thing, and this passion grew in me. I was when I see the clothes from behind the shop’s windows, I made a whiteboard from a space around me and start by rearranging the pieces in my own way. I have always wanted to buy clothes and coordinate them for those who are confused by these various options. But the obstacles stand in front of me, until the world became more sophisticated, allowing me to help everyone behind a small screen, so I started this project and called it Sindbad to travel to all countries to offer my services for you with pleasure.